At last the day has come

File Jan 11, 10 41 18 PM


We had our Graduation day run today-that is we had a practice ceremony. What a day that will be. After nine long months of work, at last the day has come.

The rumors are floating around already. They say that 20 will be instructors-20 will go to the Fury Command-70 will go to the fighters and 40 will go to twin engine fighters. I hope I get single or twin engine fighter. Then if they grant me a leave that will be very nice.

We had our names stenciled on our bags today Lt. J.A.H. Jago. Not bad eh?

I still pinch myself now and then wondering if this is all a dream. I certainly have had a wonderful education. I feel sorry for the poor enlisted men. Some of the enlisted men are eliminated cadets. I feel sorry for the poor guys. They walk around with their heads hung low.

Well, darlings, it is close to my bedtime-I’m riding on air lately-not a care in the world.

Your loving son,