The P-39 is wonderful!!


Say, Mom, will you please send my cable set-we don’t get enough exercise as an officer-we need to-it helps our flying when we are in good shape.



Your letter was swell Mom-now you are talking darling-get out once in a while. I never did see why you stayed home. I just wish I were home so I could help. You have always given and never taken. I’m so glad you are finally wising up that you are still a young lady. Mrs. Peterson is much plainer and older than you but, still she spends the Papa’s dough. Go ahead Mom-now that you haven’t your main worry (me) back home you should take advantage of it. Now we come to that home question. Why! For gosh sakes do you want to throw more money into that house. Why not get a new one. You know our neighborhood is going to pot. It would be nice for Jocie to move to another neighborhood because you know for yourself but some of her friends (Gail) aren’t the kind I want my sister to double date with later on. The Blackten’s haven’t a pot to _____ in but, they live in a nice house in a good neighborhood. Gosh! I certainly am lecturing aren’t I-please forgive me Mom but, you really are too darn conservative.

Well, darlings, your fighter pilot son thinks of his lovely family often-




The P-39 is wonderful!!

I hope when this war ends we won’t be strangers.



I stayed in bed today-I think I have this darn cold licked now-I hope. My little roommate Bobby John has taken good care of me. He brings me my meals and the poor guy even went into town to get me some fruit because he knew fruit juices were good for a cold. Yes he certainly is a swell Joe. I have met some wonderful friends in this army.

I am a little behind in my flying now but, I can catch that up right away. Flying is really fun. We have no restricted areas-we can fly anywhere we please. It’s a lot of fun flying over the ocean-meeting Navy planes and flying the pants off of them. This Army P39 is much faster than anything the Navy has.

I wish you could see this ship-when it flies over it whistles it’s going so fast. I would like little Jocie to see it, then she could tell her little school friends. I hate to live apart from my family. I hope when this war ends we won’t be strangers.

It certainly was swell at home. My room is just the same even for my ski poles. I certainly wish this bed I have now is just half as nice as mine back home. Those clean sheets spoiled me I’m afraid. Oh well, flying’s fun anyway-

Your loving son,



Much love to my Mom, Dad, and little sis

We may injure our eardrums



Well darlings-I didn’t say much in my last letter did I. Well-the train trip was the most uncomfortable I have experienced thus far but, we got there on time anyway.

Bravo! Mother-I’m so darn glad you’re finally giving yourself a break. Get out once in a while. It certainly won’t hurt you any. Mom you have been getting the raw deal all the time-soon I’ll make it up to you I promise-I think so darn much of my parents. There isn’t a boy prouder to display the picture of my parents and little sister. Yes sir ree! I could kick my rear end every time I think back and remember how mean I was. Oh! Well, maybe some of the others were the same way. Please excuse this rather morbid letter. I have a terrible cold so I am in bed grounded-what a life. Don’t worry I am taking care of it. They don’t let us fly with a head cold because we may injure our eardrums.

Pete is simply crazy about my Mom-can you blame him? Pete and I are separate now but, hope to get together in about six weeks. You see we are in different squadrons but we are still in the 328 group. So there is still a chance.

It is too bad he was taken ill-we could have been together now. Oh well-no good crying about it-

Your loving son,


These ships will dive well over 500 mph



Please excuse the absence of letters-we have been going steady. I was officer of the day yesterday. That kept me running with my 45 caliber pistol on my hip. It’s a lot of fun being an officer. The enlisted men really look up to the flyers.

I asked the commanding officer to put Pete’s name on a list so maybe we can get together anyway. Certainly wish he wasn’t sick. Oh, well, that’s the way it goes.

This P39 is really hot ship. I hope you see a picture of it in a magazine. Is very well known because of the Canon in the nose.

We haven’t even soloed yet but, we have been studying the cockpit until I can touch any instrument blindfolded. The captain gave me a blindfold test yesterday. I passed it so I may solo soon.

These ships will dive well over 500 mph-boy-isn’t that something.

Thelma plans a trip out here-hope she can make it. It will be a lot of fun showing her the planes. Wish all of you could come. I’d like so much to have my darling mom and dad see me fly one of these planes. Maybe we can arrange it some day-

Well darlings, the bed beckons. So until-

Your loving son,


Tell Jocie I am so proud of my grown-up little sister-she’s the best in the world.

It whistles like a bee



Please excuse the absence of letters but, I have been moving from place to place-checking in and out beds-signing this and that for four days. A lieutenant has more responsibility than I thought.

I am still part of the 328th fighter group and I am assigned to the 329th fighter squadron. Our duties are very important. We are here to protect Frisco. There is always a flight of planes ready to go any minute. We take turns on the night alert shift.

I thought we had P38’s but, I was mistaken. We fly the P39-Bell Airacobra, look it up in a magazine-it sure is a honey. I haven’t flown yet but, hope to in a few days. I’ve never seen so many instruments before. Boy, when the ship zooms over it whistles like a bee.

We officers live in the old hotel on the field. The elaborate equipment is gone but, it’s very nice. Some of the older men are going over in a few days so we will be the top kicks around here.

Well, darlings, your son feels that he is doing a little more to protect that lovely home and family of his. I can’t express how much I miss you-

Your loving son,


At last the day has come

File Jan 11, 10 41 18 PM


We had our Graduation day run today-that is we had a practice ceremony. What a day that will be. After nine long months of work, at last the day has come.

The rumors are floating around already. They say that 20 will be instructors-20 will go to the Fury Command-70 will go to the fighters and 40 will go to twin engine fighters. I hope I get single or twin engine fighter. Then if they grant me a leave that will be very nice.

We had our names stenciled on our bags today Lt. J.A.H. Jago. Not bad eh?

I still pinch myself now and then wondering if this is all a dream. I certainly have had a wonderful education. I feel sorry for the poor enlisted men. Some of the enlisted men are eliminated cadets. I feel sorry for the poor guys. They walk around with their heads hung low.

Well, darlings, it is close to my bedtime-I’m riding on air lately-not a care in the world.

Your loving son,


I owe Uncle Sam $1.00



We finish our flying today-we had our squadron party last night-what a time. I think we have the grandest bunch of instructors imaginable. They had barrels of beer and every mixed drink imaginable. Your son took good care of himself darlings, don’t worry.

We received our officer’s flight clothes yesterday. I never realized what a pile of things we need to get. We get our own parachute-winter and summer flying jacket-winter and summer flying helmets and suits-sky gear equipment-flying boots-clothes bags-etc.

Yes, darlings, in just three days your son will be a flying officer. I am hoping for a furlough but, I suppose I will be disappointed.

Just a few minutes ago I filled out my income tax blank. I owe Uncle Sam $1.00. That’s not too bad is it?

I have just about everything as far as the officers uniform goes. I never realized how much an officer wears. I hope I can come home-then you will see a real uniform.

Darlings, I have sent my graduation announcements to everybody-England and South Africa included-

Well, darlings, must close now-

Your loving son,


Expert aerial gunner

File Jan 11, 10 33 11 PM


I have wonderful news for you-your son has qualified as an expert aerial gunner. Which entitles me to an expert aerial gunner’s medal to be worn on my officers tunic. I have only fired 200 rounds on my record run but have qualified expert already. We have two types of aerial gunnery-ground targets and aerial targets. I hit the ground targets 73 times out of 100 the first time and 82 times out of 100 the second.

My squadron commander congratulated me until I felt like his brother. The RAF pilot said, “Superb shooting cadet Jago!” Gosh! I’m so darn happy. According to my instructor that is one of the highest scores ever made at a training school.

Our flight training all the way through Primary, Basic, and Advanced has been mainly to sharpen us up for gunnery. Some of my friends haven’t even hit the target yet. They come over to my room and ask Jago what they are doing wrong.

Please don’t think this gunnery has made me conceited because you know how I am. I haven’t said a word yet – my instructor asked me why I wasn’t happy about it and I said “Well, sir, I think I could have done better with another ship – the sight was poor on the 411!” He just about fell over backwards.

Your loving son,