These ships will dive well over 500 mph



Please excuse the absence of letters-we have been going steady. I was officer of the day yesterday. That kept me running with my 45 caliber pistol on my hip. It’s a lot of fun being an officer. The enlisted men really look up to the flyers.

I asked the commanding officer to put Pete’s name on a list so maybe we can get together anyway. Certainly wish he wasn’t sick. Oh, well, that’s the way it goes.

This P39 is really hot ship. I hope you see a picture of it in a magazine. Is very well known because of the Canon in the nose.

We haven’t even soloed yet but, we have been studying the cockpit until I can touch any instrument blindfolded. The captain gave me a blindfold test yesterday. I passed it so I may solo soon.

These ships will dive well over 500 mph-boy-isn’t that something.

Thelma plans a trip out here-hope she can make it. It will be a lot of fun showing her the planes. Wish all of you could come. I’d like so much to have my darling mom and dad see me fly one of these planes. Maybe we can arrange it some day-

Well darlings, the bed beckons. So until-

Your loving son,


Tell Jocie I am so proud of my grown-up little sister-she’s the best in the world.