We may injure our eardrums



Well darlings-I didn’t say much in my last letter did I. Well-the train trip was the most uncomfortable I have experienced thus far but, we got there on time anyway.

Bravo! Mother-I’m so darn glad you’re finally giving yourself a break. Get out once in a while. It certainly won’t hurt you any. Mom you have been getting the raw deal all the time-soon I’ll make it up to you I promise-I think so darn much of my parents. There isn’t a boy prouder to display the picture of my parents and little sister. Yes sir ree! I could kick my rear end every time I think back and remember how mean I was. Oh! Well, maybe some of the others were the same way. Please excuse this rather morbid letter. I have a terrible cold so I am in bed grounded-what a life. Don’t worry I am taking care of it. They don’t let us fly with a head cold because we may injure our eardrums.

Pete is simply crazy about my Mom-can you blame him? Pete and I are separate now but, hope to get together in about six weeks. You see we are in different squadrons but we are still in the 328 group. So there is still a chance.

It is too bad he was taken ill-we could have been together now. Oh well-no good crying about it-

Your loving son,