I hope when this war ends we won’t be strangers.



I stayed in bed today-I think I have this darn cold licked now-I hope. My little roommate Bobby John has taken good care of me. He brings me my meals and the poor guy even went into town to get me some fruit because he knew fruit juices were good for a cold. Yes he certainly is a swell Joe. I have met some wonderful friends in this army.

I am a little behind in my flying now but, I can catch that up right away. Flying is really fun. We have no restricted areas-we can fly anywhere we please. It’s a lot of fun flying over the ocean-meeting Navy planes and flying the pants off of them. This Army P39 is much faster than anything the Navy has.

I wish you could see this ship-when it flies over it whistles it’s going so fast. I would like little Jocie to see it, then she could tell her little school friends. I hate to live apart from my family. I hope when this war ends we won’t be strangers.

It certainly was swell at home. My room is just the same even for my ski poles. I certainly wish this bed I have now is just half as nice as mine back home. Those clean sheets spoiled me I’m afraid. Oh well, flying’s fun anyway-

Your loving son,



Much love to my Mom, Dad, and little sis