Expert aerial gunner

File Jan 11, 10 33 11 PM


I have wonderful news for you-your son has qualified as an expert aerial gunner. Which entitles me to an expert aerial gunner’s medal to be worn on my officers tunic. I have only fired 200 rounds on my record run but have qualified expert already. We have two types of aerial gunnery-ground targets and aerial targets. I hit the ground targets 73 times out of 100 the first time and 82 times out of 100 the second.

My squadron commander congratulated me until I felt like his brother. The RAF pilot said, “Superb shooting cadet Jago!” Gosh! I’m so darn happy. According to my instructor that is one of the highest scores ever made at a training school.

Our flight training all the way through Primary, Basic, and Advanced has been mainly to sharpen us up for gunnery. Some of my friends haven’t even hit the target yet. They come over to my room and ask Jago what they are doing wrong.

Please don’t think this gunnery has made me conceited because you know how I am. I haven’t said a word yet – my instructor asked me why I wasn’t happy about it and I said “Well, sir, I think I could have done better with another ship – the sight was poor on the 411!” He just about fell over backwards.

Your loving son,