I am learning to fly inverted now. The controls are reversed.

Howard shot this P51 with a Nikon D7000


Please don’t worry about my knee-it’s coming along fine. I’m flying like mad lately trying to catch up on lost time. I have 3 ? hours left.

I sent you our class book-the pictures are terrible but the poor photographer didn’t have enough time to take good ones. Some of the articles are pretty good. I wish they would let us take pictures on the flight line but, uncle Sam won’t allow it so that’s that.

Say, Mother, please take care of yourself darling, don’t work yourself to death. Gosh! I hope you get better-I think a lot of my Mother you know.

I’m flying so much lately it makes me as nervous as a cat. We are always under a nervous strain when we are up there. We are constantly on the alert. There are thousands of things to think about-especially watching for other ships.

Gosh-I am learning to fly inverted now. The controls are reversed. It certainly is fun but, very tricky. Have I told you I’m flying from the front cockpit now. It takes a while to become accustomed to the change, but, it helps for our basic training.

Well, darlings, Take care of yourselves-especially you Mother. I miss all of you terribly-