I can see Mother up on that ladder now.

Emily Eleen Jago


Your letter was swell, as usual, but, please don’t worry about my knee. I wear an ace bandage all the time now. It’s a little stiff but, I’ll get along alright.

The weather is pretty soupy now so we can’t go up solo, darn it. I need the hours too. Yesterday I began flying from the front cockpit. It’s quite a change but lots of fun. When we fly basic we fly from the front cockpit all the time so I guess they are training us for basic now. I have seven hours to fly yet so if the weather clears up I can fly them easily. I flew four periods yesterday.

Gosh! I laughed when I read about Jocie locking you out. That must’ve been something. I can see Mother up on that ladder now.

Say Mother, I don’t want you to work yourself to death now-just because Mrs. Driscoll is working at another job. I know how hard you work, darling-too hard. That goes for you too, Dad-you are the same way.

Well darlings, Take care of yourselves-I’m doing my little bit in the war but, after we win this war I want to see my loved ones looking much the better. I was quite a worry-as you know. I hope to learn my future here-I think Uncle Sam has given me a wonderful opportunity. $30,000 education is nothing to sneeze at.