My knee is getting much better



Had a pretty good dinner tonight for once. The food isn’t too good here. I hope our new place will be much better. All basic and advanced fields are army posts so they are run much better. The civilian posts, such as Rankin, are always trying to cheat poor Uncle Sam.

My knee is getting much better thank heavens-don’t worry about it darlings. They gave me a new ace bandage that makes two of them now. They cost $2.50, you know.

Gosh! I can’t imagine what snow would be like. It stays the same here. Hot in the day and cold at night. The one thing I like about California is the swell sleeping nights we have. No matter how hot it is during the day-you can always sleep with a blanket at night.

How’s Jocie coming in school? She’s a hard little worker-I never worry about her. We flew our cross country trip Saturday. The trip took about two hours. They wouldn’t let me fly solo because of my knee so my instructor went with me. He’s a swell egg. We made two stops during the trip-first at Lost Hills the Corcoran. Lost Hills has a 7000 foot runway. It’s used for a bomber base. Was it ever fun landing on that big mat with our little planes. We tried to stay in formation but, I’m afraid they weren’t so hot.

Well, darlings, think about me or I’ll get jealous-you know I love sympathy-

All my love,