I did so many loops I can’t walk straight.

Flying the loop


Here’s your little son reporting again—

I really had fun up there today-I did so many loops I can’t walk straight. A loop sounds like it would be hard but, it is very simple, much to my amazement. My instructor certainly can fly. I hope he can teach me just a little of what he knows and I will consider myself fairly good.

When we get to basic we are required to take another physical exam. Certainly would kill me if something went wrong now. You’re never free from worries until the wings are fastened on your tunic.

This coming Friday the upper-class (what’s left of it) are going to have a short cross-country hop. We will probably fly in formation to a designated airport by compass. If they let me lead the bunch we’d probably end up in Minneapolis.

Gosh! It would be fun landing at Wold Chamberlain Airport. I hope I get the chance someday.

Are you coming along in school okay Jocelyn? Work hard now, won’t you! Your big brother has never worked so hard for anything before his life.

I have nearly 60 hours now. If I did wash I could get my private flying license. Wouldn’t it be swell to take Mom, Pop & Jocie for a ride?