My knee is a bit swollen but, I think I can manage okay.



I got a letter from Dad, Mother, Thelma, and a package from Auntie. What a wonderful day. I am so happy when I receive your letters.

No flying today-weather 0-0. I can truthfully say that this is the first time I have actually rested since I’ve been here. I wanted to fly though because I need the time. My knee is a bit swollen but, I think I can manage okay. I don’t get the care I had at home but I’m used to that now.

Our class is going to get split up when we are sent to basic. 67 of us are going to Chico field and the remainder are going to Lemoore field. Pete and I will be split up, darn it. I am going to Chico field and he is going to Lemoore.

Chico field is by far the better of the two. It is situated in Northern California among the mountains and redwoods. The scenery around here is terrible- Lemoore is only a few miles from here. So I’m glad I’m going to Chico. I think it is pretty definite where we are going.

Well darlings I just got two packages of cookies from Mrs. Christiansen-oh! Happy day! I must thank them for their kindness. I guess we have a drill formation now-I knew this rest was too good to be true.

All my love,