I have been given a good ace bandage so I think I can manage



How are you- fine I hope. My knee is getting better thank heaven. I’m going to try to fly tomorrow. I have been given a good ace bandage so I think I can manage okay.

I’ve had some letters from some of my washed out friends. It seems that they have enough bombardiers and navigators now. So the poor fellows were made Buck privates. It’s just my luck to wash out in basic and then go out as an enlisted man. Gosh! I hope I can make it. At least they can’t say I’m not trying.

Your letter was swell. I can’t imagine Tam limping around. I wonder if the old boy remembers me. I suppose he doesn’t. My total time figures about 50 ? hours. I still have 9 ? hours left. We get 60 hours in primary, 70 hours in basic and 70 hours in advanced. When we get our wings-If we ever do-we have a total of 200 hours. They train us a little better than they did in the last war. I heard that they sent some boys up in the last war with less than 20 hours. I, now, can understand how little a man knows in 20 hours. I can’t see how some of them lasted as long as they did.

Well, darlings, I must get ready for tomorrow’s big inspection. Don’t work too hard Mother and Dad-when I come back-I want to see you just as I left you.