I learned to do a loop today-is it ever fun.


Dear Mother and Dad,

Your letters were swell, darlings. My new roommate Ralph Fleming, from Illinois, just passed his 40 hour check. I’m glad I had mine before. Some of my friends weren’t so fortunate-about seven go up for re-checks tomorrow. I hope they make the grade – they have washed so many guys from my class there won’t be many left.

It was nice of you to have some pictures printed for Thelma. She has been so nice to me, Mother. The poor Ericksons have too big a heart, I guess. They consented that the Ermans could stay with them with the understanding that Mr. Erman was being drafted. I don’t blame them for being angry about the whole thing. If I had a home of my own I certainly wouldn’t want another family moving in, and then trying to run the place.

I can’t understand this California weather. It doesn’t seem to change at all. It may surprise me someday, you can’t tell.

I learned to do a loop today-is it ever fun. I am really beginning to enjoy flying now. They say that basic flying school is the toughest of the three, if you get through basic you can start ordering your officers uniform. Now all I have to do is get through basic. I never realized what a tough grind it was to get these silver wings.

Thanks Dad for the paper-it’s swell to read the home paper now and then,

All my love,