Slightest movement is tricky


Your fine letter arrived today-thanks darlings-glad to hear Dad arrived home safely. Dad-you work so darn hard-I hope I can compare to my swell dad someday-Yes sir! I am so proud of my family. My friends never seem to speak of their families at all-maybe I bore them to tears-I don’t think so though. Everybody knows my Mom and Dad were born in England. They also know about my grandfather too! They always ask “Do they have an English accent?”

“Certainly,” I say, “but, it isn’t the way you think.” They always think the English people drop their H’s. I hope we go to England when we go over-it will be so much fun. We have 27 older pilots leaving for some war zone in a few days. They think it will be England but, nobody knows anything for sure. They are a swell bunch of fellows. They fly with us and teach us all the tricks they have learned.

I flew formation yesterday for the first time. It certainly is a lot harder in this P-39 Airacobra-we are always traveling about 300 mph so the slightest movement is tricky. It certainly is a honey of a ship. I have had one climb at the rate of 6000 feet a minute, and keep it up too! Boy! That’s really getting up there in a hurry.

Well, darlings, your son will try to write more often-they have us doing something all the time here but, it’s a lot of fun.



Dad-I had the reclining chairs but, the cars were so crowded it still wasn’t comfortable.